The BizTEC Experience by Yonatan Elul, CEO of Invivo

“BizTEC is without a doubt what I would define as my first real entrepreneurship experience.
My team and I entered this competition after we won a previous competition – 3DS – which was held by the Technion. In fact, when we started our way at BizTEC, the initiative was no more than a general idea after we came up with very basic research. BizTEC was the catalyst that led us to do some serious work on our initiative.
In the program we received close guidance from multi-disciplinary mentors – business, technological, marketing etc. The mentors were very experienced, and eager to guide and support us.
BizTEC’s managing team – Tomer, Danielle, Udi & Asaf – were wonderful and fulfilled any request with great pleasure. The leading mentors – Sasson & Paul – contributed to our understanding of how the process of building a start-up works. In fact, they changed our way of thinking and understanding of all the aspects of market analysis and validation. It led us to make some critical changes in our plans.
When we reached the accelerator stage, things started to get really interesting. We received our own guiding mentor and some excellent lectures by very impressive entrepreneurs (the kind that make you a bit jealous on the one hand, but give you a lot of motivation to try it yourself on the other hand).
The Demo-day was the peak of the journey. It was an amazing opportunity to present our initiative in front of more than 200 hi-tech, entrepreneurship & investment specialists, and to get to know some of the key-personalities in the entrepreneurship world. The whole process promoted us tremendously. My team and I feel that this program gave us an amazing leap forward.
Last words for those who may worry they aren’t ready or experienced enough to apply for the competition – I started it while I was a freshman, so it doesn’t matter what stage you are in your studies/career – you are at least as experienced as I was when I started BizTEC (and probably a lot more).
I wish a lot of luck to all the competitors. I am eager to hear about this year’s new teams!”

Yonatan Elul is the CEO of Invivo – one of BizTEC 2015 finalists team