BizTEC is starring in the annual meeting of the Technion’s Board of Governors


The Board of Governors meeting is the flagship event of the Technion, in which the Technion’s major projects and achievement are presented. In this year’s event (2016), BizTEC has been marked as one of the highlights. It was regarded as a key component in creating the next generation of the ‘start-up nation’.

Some of BizTEC’s prominent entrepreneurs and mentors were summoned to present their venture and the impact of BizTEC on their journey in the entrepreneurship world:

  • Ziv Lautman – Co-Founder & CMO at BreezoMeter, BizTEC’s 2013 winners
  • Gal Shaul – Co-Founder & CTO at Augury and BizTEC mentor
  • Janna Tenenbaum Katan – Co Founder & CEO at Peekaboo Medical, BizTEC’s 2015 winners
  • Jonathan Spitz – Founder of Genees, BizTEC’s 2015 finalist
  • Lena Levin – Founder & CFO at VIA SURGICAL, Prior to that she served as a Founder & CFO of PolyTouch Medical, BizTEC’s 2007 winners
  • Omer Arad – Founder of Blu, currently participating in BizTEC’s 2016 competition.


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