Mr. David Vidan first joined Cyclone, as a production manager in the composite plant in 1990. He then continued to Cyclone’s then sister company, MDF Industries, where he served as a plant manager for nearly 6 years until the end of 1999.

Mr. Vidan joined Tower Semiconductors, for which he worked for 7 years in various executive rolls. His last position with Tower Semiconductors was VP and Fab Manager.

After his tenure with Tower, Mr. Vidan joined Medingo (a medical device start-up) as VP operations and later on as its General Manager, led the development of the company innovative Insulin Pump and later on the company acquisition by Hoffman La Roche GmbH, and oversaw the company’s technology transfer to  the latter.

Mr. Vidan than joined Lithotech Medical Ltd. (a medical device company) as the company’s CEO.

In December 2015, Mr. Vidan returned to Elbit Systems – Cyclone Ltd. as the company’s General manager.

Mr. Vidan, holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the Technion.

He also served as a naval officer for many years in various command rolls, and retired from reserve service as a Lt. Colonel.