“Eyes for the blind” develops a mobile-based service that connects visually impaired people to volunteers. Using a real time video platform the visually impaired can be guided and assisted by a volunteer with 24-7 immediate availability, allowing them to perform everyday operations easily.

Team Members:
Roy Dotan-CEO- Biomedical engineer. Works at Philips Healthcare as an Application development specialist.
Lior Debbi-CFO-Aerospace engineer. Former professional officer in the IAF, served as engineering projects leader.
Meir Renford-CTO-Software engineer. Works as development Team Leader at Mellanox Technologies

How did they come up with this idea:

Volunteering for many years with blind and visually impaired people, gave us a deep insight to their everyday challenges on performing common operations. Experiencing from first hand their dependency on guidance from a seeing person, which is unavailable for them most of the time, initiated our need to act for a change. We then sought for an effective and cost-efficient solution that would give those blind and visually impaired people the freedom they always desired for, and that is how “Eyes for the Blind” venture was initiated.