As Business Director of Advanced Technology Labs and Director of Global Startup Mentorship for Recruit Technologies, Kei Hareyama leads development initiatives for one of Japan’s premier internet service companies focused on R&D-based incubation for high-tech innovation.

Hareyama has 15 years of experience managing investment and business development for multinational technology institutions – including serving as Managing Manager at Karabiner Capital, and CEO at Rock Climbing Partners.

Hareyama is also the founder of the Global Angel Investment Network for Social Impact Investment, and a serial entrepreneur. Hareyama sits on the board of several major international startups, and serves as a transnational mentor for innovative companies pioneering new developments in a variety of industries.

In his role as development director of the pioneering Berlin Tokyo Project and Berlin Tel Aviv Project, Hareyama works with major international startups in Europe, Japan, and the Middle East to foster innovation and corporate development.