Medic Vision, has developed the SafeCT®, a universal product that enables up to 80% reduction in the ionizing radiation dose emitted from conventional CT scanners without compromising image quality or diagnostic confidence.

Based on Medic Vision’s proprietary patented image reconstruction algorithms, GiRR3D (Generic iterative Retro Reconstruction in 3D™), SafeCT dramatically enhances the SNR of low-dose CT images, providing dose-reduction functionality to existing CT scanner systems. SafeCT has been legally cleared for the European market under the CE mark. It has also received FDA clearance for distribution in the USA. SafeCT is in routine clinical use at leading medical centers in the USA and Israel, serving thousands of patients.

SafeCT is available in Standard Edition for small hospitals and practices and in Enterprise Edition for larger organizations with multiple CT scanners and sites. SafeCT Enterprise Edition is a fail-safe, scalable, high-performance version of SafeCT, providing continuous, real-time iterative image reconstruction functionality to all CT scanners on a network through fail-over, load balancing, and parallel processing.

Cloud-based SafeCT service for lung cancer screening is also offered. With this innovative service, low-dose lung images are securely forwarded to remote cloud-based SafeCT servers for immediate transformation into diagnostic-quality images. The service for remote real-time iterative image reconstruction of low-dose CT lung scans for cancer screening, introduced at RSNA 2013, is available at a pay-per-scan fee.

Medic Vision raised a total sum of $4.5M.