In the consumer market, 3D printing is yet limited to technically skilled people. Pzartech’s analysis is that the situation is related to two service related failures:
Lack of adapted service: convenient, fast and affordable.
Lack of clearly useful items to print.

3D printing could be useful to consumers. Indeed, it shortcuts the traditional path of manufactured goods: industrial production, shipment, stock and distribution.
It could thus be already a very relevant solution to existing needs. Pzartech wants to address a need that is not yet satisfied: plastic spare parts.

To do so, Pzartech innovate in various directions. Firstly, technologically wise, we’re developing algorithms that check that the design is suitable and optimized it for printing. Our aim is to set the highest level of printability to provide our customer with the highest quality.
Then, marketing wise, we’re building an extremely user friendly one-stop-shop platform. We want to focus on a clear vertical: plastic spare parts. We’re working on partnership with existing POS networks to set 3D printers in their network. The goal is to offer a high standard of service.

Team Members:
Yonathan Aflalo, R&D Lead
MA, Ecole Polytechnique
Ph.d from the Technion Institute / department of Computer Sciences, expert in 3D image processing

Joachim Hagege, Technical Lead
Combined Bsc in Computer Sciences with MBA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Served in IDF Special Forces

Jeremie Brabet-Adonajlo, Business Lead
BA in Law, Université Paris Panthéon-Assas
MBA, Tel Aviv University Recanati Business School
4 years of experience in High-tech Business development

How did they meet?

We’ve known each other for many years and we gathered in Tel Aviv only recently. Yonathan lately completed his Ph.D in 3D image processing at the Technion in Haifa and then moved to Tel Aviv. Joachim joined us as he returned from South America after he graduated from the Hebrew University in combined CS and MBA. Jeremie has been living here for a long time, graduating from an MBA in Recanati Business School and working in the high-tech industry. Our enthusiasm for 3D printing gave us the opportunity to work together.

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