QuickFresh developes a miniature, innovative tooth brush that provides three dimensional mechanical cleaning of the teeth, stimulates the gums, easy to care around, with no need for water. QuickFresh will take care your oral hygiene anytime and anywhere.

Team Member:
Leonid Maximkin

How did he come up with this idea?

The first time that I thought about a disposable toothbrush, was during my army serves. Because I was in a combat unit (GOLANI) I spent a lot of time in ambush that lasted for 72 hour without the ability to move.
At a situation like that it is very hard to maintain your oral hygiene, you can’t move most of the time, you just become an integral part of the landscape and nature. Except your mission you don’t do anything else. Only basic needs like food and bath room (of course all sitting down), so brushing your teeth becomes a problematic mission.
When you don’t brush your teeth it creates a layer of plaque that makes you feel very uncomfortable in your mouth. You start losing focus and patience because of the bad breath and all this because you didn’t brush your teeth.
That is exactly why in that ambush I got the idea for a small and compact tooth brush that doesn’t take much space and there is no need for water!

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