Presenso (formerly DeepSense) developed a deep learning system that maximizes industrial machine up-time by

predicting future failures and recommending the best solution for them.

By analyzing the big industrial IoT data, Presenso’s cognitive software provides operational intelligence

and deep semantic insights which in turn increase production yield and revenues.

Team Members:

EitanVesely: Is Mechanical engineer

Previously employed by Applied Materials as a hardware specialist and support engineer,

Later on worked as an application engineer and developed industrial automation and motion

control systems.

David Lavid: Is a Data Science SW and algorithm engineer with vast experience in the domain of Machine

Learning and AI. Holds an honored MSc, previously employed by REFAEL where he spent the last 7 years

developing, and leading a team of developers in those domains.

Met during our military service as officers in the Golani brigade and working closely together for

over 10 years