Background: The four of us (Roi, Adir, Dan and Uri) are senior year medical students at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Two of us (Adir and Dan) are future combat army officers in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the other two (Roi and Uri) are former soldiers in elite units in the IDF. We have witnessed trauma events both inside the hospital setting and on the combat field where people have arrived to the emergency room with limb amputations, where the applied tourniquet was applied incorrectly, inefficiently and unprofessionally. The application of a tourniquet, when applied incorrectly is a life-threatening situation while being applied during combat. In addition, during our army service, some of us have met American and German soldiers, of which have also expressed their opinion to the need for a faster device to stop external life threatening major limb injuries.
Our proposition is to manufacture an easy-to-use, effective tourniquet which will be used by various untrained personnel and in an immediate way to stop external bleeding when these do occur. The above mentioned tourniquet will require minimal training; it will be easy to use and fast to deploy. Designing such a device is essential to saving the lives of the combat personnel in active duty, especially due to the fact that the number of tourniquet placements is increasing in today’s combat scene. This is due to the advancement of technology and the options the enemy has to cause mass injuries.

Our tourniquet device bears the name “T.I.G.R.” (Tourniquet of Instant Gas Release), (similar to the animal tiger), which is also the symbol of one of the elite units in the Israeli Defense Forces, which one of our members (Roi) served in.

The solution we propose is an easy and fast one. One which is superior than today’s existing devices. We believe our device is superior to the one’s existing today by lowering the complication rate after deployment the tourniquet. T.I.G.R will also be the first tourniquet to not only apply in the military scenario, but also serve as a feasible solution to civilian scenarios. In addition, we believe T.I.G.R is an elegant solution to a crucial, life threatening problem.

Team Members:

Roi Glam, 32, is a senior medical student in the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa. Roi considers a career as a Cardiac surgeon, which is a medical field that fascinates him. Roi is currently doing active research in the Vascular surgery field. Roi enjoys mountain biking and is the father of 3 daughters.

Adir Sommer, 25, is senior medical student in the Rapapport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa. Adir is a “student-soldier” and will be serving in a combat unit as a medical doctor in the army after graduation. Adir wants to be an ophthalmologist and is currently doing research in this field. Adir enjoys working out in the gym and listening to classical music. Both Adir and Dan want to pursue a PhD in basic science after medical school graduation.

Dan Levin, 24, is senior medical student in the Rapapport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa. Dan, like Adir, is a “student-soldier” as well. Dan wants to be a cardiologist and is also very much active in research in this field. Dan chose medicine over a career as a pilot in the Israeli Air Force, having joined the “student-soldier” program as a medical student. Dan enjoys working out at the gym, and reading classic literature.

Uri Hadelsberg, 29, is senior medical student in the Rapapport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa. Uri wants to be a neurosurgeon and is currently doing research in this field. He plays piano and listens to classical music.

Lev Donoavich, 26, is an officer in the IDF and is also working on his Masters (M.Sc.) in mechanical engineering at the Technion. His thesis is about “Hydro-elastic reactions of a plate with continuous fluids”. Lev, an alumni of the “Brakim” Program, a top IDF academic program, also has interest in fluid dynamics, acoustics and naval architecture to name a few subjects. He loves sports and working out at the gym.

How did they meet?

Four out of the five people in T.I.G.R (Tourniquet of Instant Gas Release) are classmates in medical school. We have been friends from the beginning of medical school and since this is our final year in medical school, we are quite a solid formed team.
We were lucky enough to be introduced to Lev, our engineer, through Tomer, one of the board members at BizTEC. Lev instantly integrated in our team and was a natural add-on to our team!

Previous Competitions:

  • First place at the Technion’s competition – “Security and the Fight Against Terrorism –the Scientific Challenge”. A national contest which advocated for ideas and start-ups to help enhance Israel’s security. (March 2014)
  • Semi finalists at The Academitech Contest- Chief scientist of Israel (O.C.F.) (May 2014)
  • Participated in “3 Day Startup” (3DS) at the Technion (November 2013)

Contact T.I.G.R:

Twitter: @TIGR_Tech
Facebook: Adir Sommer, Uri Hadelsberg, Dan Levin
LinkedIn: Adir Sommer, Uri Hadelsberg