Takeshi Nakano is Senior Research Engineer at Recruit Technologies, the research-driven internet technologies hub of the Nikkei-listed Recruit Holdings. For five years, Nakano managed Recruit Technologies’ Advanced Technology Lab (ATL), overseeing advanced research and development initiatives geared towards creating, adopting, and utilizing OSS applications as well as shepherding new Big-Data innovations into use at Recruit.

As an internet technologies expert in Japan and internationally, Nakano has authored several influential industry publications including Hadoop Hacks (published by O’Reilly Japan) and Getting Started with Apache Solr in Japan.

Today, Nakano leads Recruit Technologies’ internationalization efforts in Europe and the Middle East as head of the Berlin Tokyo Project and the Tel Aviv Tokyo Projects. As BTP and TTP project-lead, Nakano oversees transnational partnerships between Japanese engineers and innovative startups in Berlin and Tel Aviv, cultivating new collaborations and fostering the development of new talents and technologies. In his capacity as Director of the BTP and TTP, Nakano has worked with innovative startups including Kiwi.ki, Skysense, LifeLife, High Mobility, A.Scribe, and many more.