Special Fintech program in BizTEC 2016!

BizTEC and Poalim Hi-Tech are joining forces to establish a unique program to encourage development of Fintech innovations during the BizTEC 2016 competition. The program is intended to provide professional and close-guiding support throughout the competition, and award the best innovation with a first investment of $25K!

Fintech is a fast-developing and highly-demanded field, and the potential for success is huge. This year’s special program is an amazing opportunity to transform a great idea into a successful fintech start-up.

Tomer London, founder of Vizmo – BizTEC 2009 winning innovation, is an evidence of just how much potential the fintech field holds. After BizTEC,  Tomer founded Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll), a highly-successful start-up focusing on providing financial services. Recently they’ve raised $60 Million as an investment from Google!

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