Technion’s Dream Factory 2016 Competition

The Dream Factory’s 2016 competition was held on May 5th at the Technion. Over the last few months, students and alumni have been working on their solutions to answer challenges that were provided by several leading companies from the industry.

Established at 2014, this is the second time that the Dream Factory competition is being held.

The competition intended to provide the students with an effective and unique ‘real life’ experience of working in the industry and to encourage their innovative skills, while offering real and viable solutions for the companies.


This year’s competition focused on fields that are less common to offer this kind of innovation events, such as chemical, biological, mechanical, biotechnology & food engineering. The companies participating in this year’s Dream Factory are Tama, Strauss, Sharon Laboratories, Haifa Chemicals and Avgol. During the event seven teams and individuals from different faculties and backgrounds, presented their diverse solutions. These days the companies are evaluating the solutions and will announce their decisions of the winning teams soon.


We want to thank all of the students for their efforts and hard work, and the companies for providing this unique opportunity. We wish good luck to all participants!

Visit this link for more photos from the event